Martha Ackmann tells the true stories of women who have challenged and shaped America. From women who have fallen between the cracks of history to women we think we know well, Martha tells unforgettable stories of passion, persistence, and courage.

Photo Credit: James Gehrt
Photo Credit: James Gehrt

About Martha

Martha Ackmann is a journalist and author who writes about women who have changed America. Her essays have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, the Paris Review, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. She also is a frequent commentator for New England Public Radio, and has been featured on CNN, National Public Radio, and the BBC.

These Fevered Days

These Fevered Days: Ten Pivotal Moments in the Making of Emily Dickinson takes the reader inside ten significant days that changed the poet’s life. Each day portrays Emily Dickinson at a different point in her extraordinary life—from a 14 year-old girl sitting down to her desk and declaring “all things are ready” to a mature woman with nearly 2,000 breathtaking poems behind her. Based on years of research, These Fevered Days offers a new way for thinking about Emily Dickinson and a dazzling new portrait of an American woman determined to “dwell in possibility.” An engaging, revealing, and accessible read, These Fevered Days is the most intimate biography yet of America’s preeminent poetic genius.

Martha Ackmann is featured in a new Emily Dickinson documentary starring Cynthia Nixon. Learn more

Critical Acclaim for These Fevered Days

“Radiant prose, palpable descriptions, and deep empathy for the poet's sensibility make this biography extraordinary.”
Kirkus Review, Starred Review

“I quickly came to treasure Ackmann’s ample descriptions, her deep knowledge of the poet’s milieu. . . . [These Fevered Days is] thoroughly researched, and yet, with Ackmann's energetic storytelling, alive.”
Megan Marshall, New York Times Book Review

“Reads like page-turning fiction. . . .[A] wonderful biography that illustrates the complexity of Dickinson’s life.”
—Elizabeth Lund, Christian Science Monitor

Toni Stone Opens to Wide Acclaim in New York

The New York Times called Toni Stone “astonishing” and “terrific,” and named the play a Critics’ Pick. “We’re learning something new, “ the Times wrote, ”but also in a new way.” This new American play captures the passion and struggle of baseball’s female Jackie Robinson. Written by playwright Lydia Diamond and directed by Tony-award winning director Pam MacKinnon, Toni Stone shows how far talent, pride, and determination can take one woman in pursuit of a dream. Based on the book Curveball by Martha Ackmann.