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For the non-fiction choice of our season, fifteen "Page Turners" from AAUW Klamath Falls read The Mercury 13. During our January 2006 meeting, we were delighted to conference call by speaker phone with author, Martha Ackmann. Because of Martha's in-depth knowledge and ease, her answers to the Page Turner's questions provided greater impact and meaning to the book review.

Following the telephone call, we met an additional hour going over another set of questions to stimulate our thinking about the life and times of the early 60's where women's rights were not honored. Many felt The Mercury 13 should be required reading for all women, particularly younger women who may not have known the struggle for women's rights that took place as the result of the misguided politics during the 1960's. Many felt a deep sadness for those brave, qualified women who were unable to fulfill their dreams of going into space.

Nancie Carlson
AAUW "Page Turners" Book Club
Klamath Falls, Oregon


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Members of the AAUW "Page Turners" Book Club talking with Martha by phone. The group meets in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Is your Book Club reading The Mercury 13? Is your group interested in talking with Martha by telephone about the book? Book Clubs around the country have enjoyed a personal conversation with Martha about The Mercury 13. Find out why she wrote the book. What are the women of the Mercury 13 doing now? Will Jerrie Cobb ever get a chance to fly in space?

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