The Year in Review: 2010


Here’s a look back at 2010.

In January, Captiva, Florida turns a lovely shade of blue. New Englanders sit by the pool in sweatpants and order margarita toddies.

Fine dining continues back home in March. Burger King, as ever, sets the standard for connoisseurship.

"Curveball" hits the bookstores in June and within twenty minutes wins an award for "Best Book Launch Party Food Ever!"

Lots of baseball interviews in July. Thankfully, only have to wear mascara once.

Head to England in August for an alternative to baseball.

Oxford (UK) is invaded by hordes of Emily Dickinson scholars. The 'ole girl settles in at a cozy pub and "tastes a liquor never brewed."

In September, Decatur (GA) Book Festival is a blast! Even the T-shirts are literary (and a little scary).

Last day at the local soft serve in October brings out the whole neighborhood.

Who could forget the great Thanksgiving Turkey Plunge? Over 300 wackos dive into Nantucket Sound to benefit the local library.

Take Dad to see the Rockettes in NYC for an early Christmas. He says the last time he was in Times Square it was 1944 and he was shipping out to Europe. Says he likes the 2010 experience better.

2010 is almost over and marching orders seem to be coming from everywhere. Happy New Year!

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  1. Looks like you had a splendid year, Martha! I would love to have one of those baseball cookies to munch on right now. My best wishes to you and yours for a stellar 2011. As usual, you’ll knock it out of the park!

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